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Moving accountancy into the modern era

Online accounting for franchise networks and franchisees

Whether it is a new or established franchise, for franchisees to be successful they will need to be able plan appropriately whilst complying with tax and accountancy rules.


WHK Accountancy can help you and your franchisees maximise their chances of being financially successful, whilst at the same time providing user-friendly, efficient processes and cutting edge on-line facilities. The systems we have at our disposal mean we can offer full UK coverage without compromising on our high service standards.

Combining this with our affordable and flexible charging structures, means we can offer a truly complete accounting service nationwide; a service that benefits the Franchise/Franchisee relationship in the following ways:

A part or full franchise

network-wide system can be implemented as required, for all accounting, payroll, invoicing and financial control functions.

Allows Franchisees to focus on growing their business, with less time spent on accounting admin.

Franchisees are compliant with accounting and tax regulation more consistently.

An easy to implement, easy to use financial control and compliance system, with a set way of working across a franchise network.

Control and visibility across a network maintained, at minimal cost, replacing the need for a ‘centralised’ Head Office function.

Attractive to new and existing franchisees as part of an overall support package.

What we can offer you

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Ultimately using our services would provide a valuable way to save you and your franchisees time and money, increase control and reduce risk.


If you would like to discuss specific requirements or would like to know more, please contact us.